Illuminated Health Sanctuary
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In 2003, Linda Star Wolf and Brad Collins were inspired and guided to build their life’s work on the land that is now home to Illuminated Heart Sanctuary. This spiritual retreat center is nestled in the magical Blue Ridge Mountains, one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. Its location is in one of only two temperate rainforests in the United States, offering visitors an incredibly lush forested reprieve. As others discovered the natural attraction of this place, a community quickly developed.

Star Wolf created Shamanic Breathwork™, making it the centerpiece of her teachings. Robert Six Owls and Carol Gaia Owls, graduates of Star Wolf’s programs, are facilitators of this healing process. Robert Six Owls and Gaia have owned Illuminated Heart Sanctuary since 2013 and their ministry provides a safe container for the deep spiritual work that happens in this enchanting place.

The surrounding community supports and sustains all who come home to Illuminated Heart Sanctuary on their sacred, soul-guided paths. The community has at least 15 providers of healing services in residence.

Our Sanctuary is blessed with the healing power and wisdom of the amazing land and its inhabitants. Most importantly, it exists so you can attain a fuller, richer and more meaningful life.