Illuminated Health Sanctuary
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  Personal Retreat Packages

Illuminated Heart Sanctuary is a safe place to recharge and restore, and to explore your inner worlds. Your journey may unfold at your own pace, while you are nestled in the beautiful natural setting of Western North Carolina’s mountains.

Smoky Mountain Vacation – A vacation in nature that will help you unwind and connect to your higher self while enjoying the beauty of the world around you.

Shamanic Breathwork™ - Includes experiential ceremony at a sacred site, walkabout in scenic forest and a healing bodywork session. This is a fun spiritual retreat for a couple or a group of friends.

Back Pain Relief Care – Have you added up the cost of back surgery, pain medications, co-pays and deductibles and yet your back pain is still present? Are you ready to release back pain along with the difficulties it brings to your life?


Life Change (Hypnosis) Retreat - Is anxiety getting in the way of clear thinking and/or causing stress on your body? Is it becoming too difficult to stop smoking? Is excess weight stopping you from following your dreams? Do you want your life back from addiction to gambling, internet porn, recreational drugs, etc.? Is anger over a person in your life eroding your health, happiness and relationships? With the successful 5 PATH™ healing technique, you will gain mastery and control of your destiny to live the life you have been longing for.

Create Your Own Retreat - Life is full of changes. Sometimes we are not even sure how we ended up where we are. If you are at the crossroads in life and wondering which way to go next, a personal retreat may just be what you need. Personal retreats allow us to go inside and listen to the soul’s calling. Are you ready to take some time for yourself? Do you have some specific goals in mind? You may design your own retreat at Illuminated Heart Sanctuary.

  • astrology reading
  • Shamanic Breathwork
  • psychotherapy
  • reiki
  • grief therapy
  • energy healing
  • Swedish massage
  • outdoor sacred site ceremony
  • therapeutic massage therapy
  • transpersonal session
  • watsu
  • releasing rituals
  • soul retrieval
  • weddings and commitment ceremonies
  • art therapy
  • astronomy classes
  • tarot reading
  • chakra balancing
  • cranial sacral therapy
  • sweat lodge sessions
  • nature hikes

Priced per length of stay (includes lodging, 3-4 hour sessions per full day or 1.5-2 hour sessions per half-day, and continental breakfasts):

  • Two nights, three days - $749
  • Four nights, five days - $1,248
  • Six nights, seven days - $1,743


  • journal and pen
  • water bottle (our spring fed water is clean, clear and fresh)
  • flashlight
  • rain jacket / umbrella
  • slip-on sandals or shoes for going in and out of the cabins / facilities
  • hiking shoes
  • bug repellant (summer)
  • in winter, warm clothes / jacket (we suggest layering for maximum comfort)
  • food and snacks that comply with your dietary requirements
  • personal items for your comfort and wellbeing
  • swimwear for hot tub
  • your open heart & beautiful soul
  • sacred objects for a personal or shared altar
  • pictures of loved ones, including yourself!
  • drums, rattles or other musical instruments
  • ritual clothes for ceremonies